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Body@Work Physiotherapy is passionate that people both understand and learn how to work with their body for best quality of life, both at work and at home. It’s your body, you need to live well in it!

Education empowers you to become actively involved in managing your body and to make informed decisions.

Body@Work Physiotherapy has a strong interest in education in:

Posture and overuse injuries (30-60 minutes)

  • What is normal posture
  • Common challenges in the workplace
  • Normal v’s abnormal forces
  • Importance of movement

Ergonomics and manual handling

  • Normal posture
  • Strength v’s stability
  • Practical application according to industry requirements

Chronic pain

  • Understanding the mechanism of chronic pain
  • Reducing fear of pain
  • Restoring normal movement patterns
  • Remodelling healed tissues
  • Graded exposure to activity – avoiding the ‘boom-bust’ cycle

We have presented to workplaces, community groups and individuals.

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