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Body@Work Physiotherapy is passionate about creating a workplace wellness philosophy and injury prevention.

A workplace culture that is proactive and supports the health and wellness of their workers is key to optimise productivity and performance.

The question is: Is your health ethic as strong as your work ethic?

Overuse injuries and problems related to working in poor postures costs workplaces and insurance companies millions every year. The fact is, not all work practices and associated injuries can be ergonomically resolved – think of your dentist, who spends their day working around a small hole.

Workers need to be empowered with both the knowledge and the skills to maintain their bodies in good health to remain employable. Studies show that workplaces that encourage regular movement/exercise for their employees have improved productivity and reduced incidence of sick days and workplace injuries.

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Services we offer include:

  • Wellness/Education workshops (30 and 60 minute options) for employees, addressing postural issues, overuse injuries and pain. These are best complimented with postural screening and Exercise@Work classes as a follow up – see below
  • Postural screening of employees in the workplace to determine current issues and potential issues surrounding postural habits. These can form the basis for exercise prescription and stretches for prevention of injury
  • Exercise@Work These 30-40 minute can be conducted at the workplace twice/week for 4 weeks. Classes are based on pilates concepts and incorporate and include exercises stretches drawn from yoga and tai chi.
  • Ergonomic assessment:
    Level 1
    (Approx. 1 hour)
    Basic assessment for new/returning employees or those who have recently relocated workplaces
    Level 2
    (1.5 – 2 hours)
    Preventative assessment for workers with previous injuries or those who are experiencing some discomfort at work. Includes postural screening
    Level 3
    (2+ hours)
    Comprehensive assessment used for workers who are undergoing treatment for a diagnosed injury or resuming work following surgery. An injury/medical history is taken and a postural screening performed. Work requirements will be considered and suitable tasks recommended
    Usually level 2-3
    Home consultation for workers who are working from the home office
  • Pre-employment medicals screening of workers prior to employment to an existing template.
  • Functional assessment – worker screening for particular industry requirements. These are usually performed to an existing industry template

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