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Using this objective postural and movement screening tool we can accurately assess your postural issues and quickly render findings to the clients.  Prescriptive exercises can be printed or emailed to the client.

PostureScreen  PostureScreen
PostureCo, Inc. is a technology company focusing on posture and movement analysis, evaluations and screenings as well as spinal x-ray biomechanical mensuration EMR products for healthcare professionals. These software products are utilized by countless thousands of clinicians around the world, generating documentation from everything from postural and movement spinal health screenings to computerized radiographic X-Ray analysis documentation.


PostureScreen Mobile® is an application for postural and movement analysis, evaluation, and spinal screenings available on the Apple iTunes App Store as well as the Android Google Play store. PostureRay® is a radiographic specific EMR system that is available for Windows. PostureScreen Mobile® and PostureRay® are REGISTERED TRADEMARKS of PostureCo, Inc.